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At Marzettas House Publishing, we value the importance of independent literature and strive to publish works that are unique and thought-provoking. Our projects represent a variety of genres and perspectives, but all share a commitment to high-quality storytelling. Explore our selection of independent literature below.

The Garden Poems by Marzetta

“Poetry and playwriting award-winner and Alabamian author Marzetta debuts her first poetry collection for the spiritual gurls. The Garden captures the life and love of Black Southern folk, exploring the intersections of queerness and womanhood.The Garden is a place where you can show up as your authentic self, and be grounded, healed, and spirituality fed.”

#1 New Release- Amazon Kindle

#1 Contemporary Poetry- Amazon KDP


#1 LGBTQ+ Poetry- Amazon Kindle


#9 Black Women's Fiction- Amazon Kindle


 Favorite Librarian's Top 10 of 2022 Independently Published African American Literature


This body is made for movement/

song and dance

work and sweat/

pick and sift red clay and stone/

till the soil ‘til 

brown beds raise themselves

into a home  

of sweet peas and squash/

cabbages the children will not eat,

tomatoes to be fried green 

or stewed with the mucilage of okra/


this body was made to tend to the garden 

firm hands 

just gentle enough 

to snap purple hulls and avoid worms,

pick trees of fig and plum-

plump and juicy like 

the hips gifted 

by big mama and cornbread/


grape vines etched into pecan-skin hands

make themselves known as the soil is worked,

and the grass parted like tender-headed plats 

done on the front porch

between grit-creased knees

risen from earth and alter/


rainwater and raised beds are 

to canned grease and scalp/

there is a healing after the fire

and the beans begin to sprout

as babies learn mama from milk/



come to the garden

and see for yourself 

the movement/

the growth/

The One. 





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