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Marzetta's House Publishing introduces Monolith.


This literary magazine holds space for the voices of Black women within marginalized groups and identities,


challenging stereotypes and breaking free of bondage.


The debut issue of Monolith. highlights the creative literary works of Black women of all intersectional identities.


We honor these women for their stories and their voices.


Please enjoy,




be free.

Submission Guidelines 

The purpose of Monolith. is to create a literary space and community in which ALL Black women of all intersectional identities are represented across the Black African Diaspora. Because we are not a monolith, be unique, be creative, and be you!


We encourage works of healing and affirmation, authenticity, faith, and courage. All genres are welcome, and we especially invite Afro-futuristic and magical realist authors to submit to our magazine! We want to highlight creative and unique voices that may not always be heard. 


Submit up to 3 poems 


Submit 1 work of prose, poetic prose, or creative nonfiction up to 10 pages


Submit up to 5 works of digital art or photography


You are welcome to submit in multiple categories.


Interested in being an editor, reader, and/or audio reader?

Email to schedule an interview!












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Thanks for your submission! We'll get back to you soon!

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