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About the Book

“Poetry and playwriting award-winner and Alabamian author Marzetta debuts her first poetry collection for the spiritual gurls. The Garden captures the life and love of Black Southern folk, exploring the intersections of queerness and womanhood.The Garden is a place where you can show up as your authentic self, and be grounded, healed, and spirituality fed.”


About the Author

Marzetta, also known as Kaitlyn Clarke-McClung, is a musician, photographer, and writer from Huntsville, Alabama. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in English from Alabama A&M University and The University of Alabama, respectively. Marzetta’s research and writing interests predominantly include womanist queer theory.

A Southern poet at heart, she is inspired by her roots in Wilcox County, Alabama, to explore such intersections in Black kinship and the flesh. Her passions include personal narratives, documentary films, and binge-watching TV.

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The Garden Reviews

Sometimes we want to articulate feelings we have no words for, ideas we can't yet picture, desires we were taught were evil to pursue even when they are not. This book of poems unearths this in a way that is true yet manageable. So relatable in its stories and its words. It was an honor to read, and I can't wait to read more.

Kai Dixon

Rich. Nuanced. Expansive.

To borrow from Mother Morrison, it isn't written for the white gaze (nor the cishet gaze.) This work is an experience! It is a world without pretense or pandering. It exists, unadulterated. It is voluminous. It is honest. It is Joy. It is tragedy. It is breathing again after tragedy

Josh Alex Baker

This collection of poetry is outstanding! She has put so much emotion into words that have not or could not be spoken before. She has spoken for those who are still struggling to find their voice. Bravo! Masterfully written!

Barbara Johnson

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